Blended Families & Estate Planning: How To Wrap Up Affairs with Love (and Less Drama)

Love is a beautiful thing, but it can get complicated when you have a blended family and someone passes away. 

In this episode of the Thank Me Later Show with Jini, we speak with Olivia Smith, an estate and probate attorney, and Yvette Thibodeaux, a Chief Strategist who recently lost her stepfather.

We uncover the crucial steps in initiating conversations with families (including adult children) about inheritance, clarifying roles of decision-makers, and ensuring fair allocation of assets. You will learn:

  • Recommendations from an attorney about navigating adult children and estate planning 
  • The importance of having ongoing conversations with adult children and loved ones about your end of life wishes 
  • How to start the conversation with a stubborn family member
  • & much more!

Join us as we untangle the legalities and explore strategies to ensure your loved ones are taken care of, while minimizing future family feuds.

If you apply to tips in this podcast and prioritize your estate plan, I promise that you will #thankmelater! 


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