Through the Black Women Will education pillar, we share resources to help you complete your will, healthcare directive and power of attorney so you can leave your legacy and transfer generational wealth!

The Roadmap To Complete Your Will

Completing your will is one of the greatest gifts that you can give to your loved ones. You don’t have to be rich to need a will. If you have a bank account or a house, if you have anyone in your life that depends on you, and if you want to give clear directions on what you want to happen when you are too sick to take care of yourself or pass away, then you DO need a will.

We break down where to start and strategies to reach the finish line during our legacy-building session, “You Need A Will! The Roadmap To Create Your Will.”

Check it out below, along with three easy steps to get started!

Here are three easy steps to take immediately!

Step One

Set a personal deadline (within the next three months) to complete your will so you can back into your roadmap. Don’t procrastinate – make the commitment so you can check this off your list!

Step Two

Contact your employer’s HR department to see if there are opportunities to complete your will through your employee benefits, such as Employee Assistance Programs.

Step Three

Schedule the following deadlines in your calendar:

  • Decide which method you will use (i.e. an estate attorney, Legal Zoom, etc.)within the next two weeks
  • Organize the assets/accounts you own, using our Estate Planning Playbook, within the next month
  • Complete your will, within the next three months

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YOU NEED A WILL! The process of completing or updating your estate plan doesn't have to be difficult or feel sad. Let us show you how to complete your will, healthcare directive, and power of attorney so you can leave your legacy and have peace of mind.

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