congrats! You've been selected To Move To The Next Phase!

You are one step closer to leaving your legacy at this year’s Black Women Will Homecoming event! You’ve been drafted to move to PHASE II, but there are a few more steps you have to take to get confirmed. 

If you do not complete the mandatory next steps, you will not be apart of this year’s cohort and you won’t have the opportunity to complete your will and healthcare directive FOR FREE! 

Complete the two required next steps to move forward (see links below the video):

Phase II Next Steps

Here’s what you need to do to move forward in this process:

#1. Register and attend our mandatory BWW Training Camp, an informational workshop that will help you complete the required Estate Planning Questionnaire.
  • In this questionnaire you will list how you’d like your assets to be distributed, who you want to be in charge as the executor of your will, and more.
  • The BWW Training Camp will be a 60 -minute virtual session on Zoom on:
    • Wednesday, September 13th at 6pm ET 
Please sign up for the BWW Training Camp below:  
#2. Complete the Estate Planning Questionnaire by Friday, September 22nd
  • Below is the questionnaire –  be sure to review this prior to the BWW Training Camp so you can begin thinking about the decisions you’d like to make in your will.
  • TAKE YOUR TIME when completing this questionnaire. There are questions that you really need to think through, so don’t rush this process!

Stay tuned for more updates about Black Women Will!

Black Women Will is NOT your average will preparation event!
Check out our 2022 sizzle reel below to experience the vibe yourself!