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About Black Women Will

Black Women Will is a catalyst to empower the Black community to get their legal affairs in order, starting with Black women.

This initiative is the solution to the silent problem keeping the Black community from building generational wealth — lack of estate planning, including a will, healthcare directive and power of attorney.

We impact Black families for generations by creating opportunities for Black women to complete their wills so they can leave a legacy, including: 

  • Our signature will preparation event, where we prepare wills for FREE 
  • The Black Women Will Legacy Scholarship, where we pay a portion of the recipient’s attorney fees and mentor her through the process
  • Educational content about estate planning to help you take action 

You have never seen an approach to estate planning like Black Women Will! Not only do we give Black women peace of mind about their plan after they pass away, but we celebrate them for handling their business while they are living! Transitioning your assets properly is WORTHY of celebrating! 

Join us as we change the energy of estate planning from morbid to motivational! Get involved with the Black Women Will movement, where we’re empowering 100K Black Women to complete their will within 5 years (until 2027).

Join the BWW Waitlist to be the first to know about our third annual Black Women Will Homecoming event coming November 2023!

Over the next 25 years, an estimated $68 trillion will be transferred from U.S. households to heirs and charity.

Black Americans are missing out on the largest wealth transfer in history by not having an estate plan.

NBC News

In-Kind Donations:

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Individual Contributions:

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Our Partners

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later is a financial literacy brand that empowers Black women to confidently manage their money and prepare for life events.

Jini Thornton

Jini Thornton is the founder and CEO of Thank Me Later and Envision Business Management Group, a firm that provides accounting and other financial services to the entertainment industry.

Impact Church

Impact Church is an inclusive gathering of people committed to holistic salvation and doing Christ’s work in the world.

Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys

The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys is a voluntary bar organization that nurtures, supports, and galvanizes the power of Black women attorneys, advocates for women and children, and empowers our communities.

GABWA Foundation

The Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c) (3) organization that facilitates GABWA’s charitable and educational activities.

Legal Aid Atlanta

Atlanta Legal Aid Society offers free civil legal aid for lowincome people across metro Atlanta.

The Georgia Association Of Paralegals, Inc.

The Georgia Association of Paralegals seeks to advance the paralegal profession and the expertise of its members through networking, continuing education opportunities and strong relationships with business partners.  

Chief Judge Kenya Johnson of the Fulton County Probate Court

Judge Kenya was elected Probate Judge in Atlanta-Fulton County after a landslide victory in 2020. She is a devoted public servant with a mission to educate communities on estate planning and gun violence prevention. Judge Kenya continues to develop youth crime prevention and sports character development programs.

Thanks to our last year’s sponsors!

We’re so grateful for our 2022 sponsors’ contribution to impacting Black families for generations! Together we are removing financial and emotional barriers that prevent Black women from protecting their legacy by having their legal documents in order.

This is more than just a listing of logos – our sponsors are a community of small businesses, corporations, organizations and individuals who are committed to empowering Black women alongside us.

Please check out each sponsors’ website to learn more about what they offer.

About Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later is a financial literacy brand that provides the strategies and emotional support Black professional women need to thrive in life.


Many professional Black women are financially responsible for themselves and their loved ones, but they were never properly trained for the job of Chief Money Officer. This lack of guidance causes stress, which can jeopardize their health. 

With their many demands in life, including work and their family, they have limited time to focus on their money. 


Thank Me Later takes the guesswork out of money management by outlining exactly what women need to do, when it needs to get done, and how so they can get back to their busy lives. 

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A catalyst to empower the Black community to get their legal affairs in order, starting with Black women.

Black women are the backbone of their families, yet, so many of us have not taken the time to get our affairs in order. In the back of our mind, we know that our loved ones would be stressed if something happened to us, but we’re so busy managing life that we haven’t taken the time to properly plan for life after death.