Black Women Will Initiatives

Black Women Will is the solution to the silent problem keeping the Black community from building generational wealth .

We impact Black families for generations by creating opportunities for Black women to complete their wills so they can leave a legacy!

Not only do we give Black women peace of mind about their plan after they pass away, but we celebrate them for handling their business while they are living!

Black Women Will Homecoming

Estate Planning Content

We go beyond preaching about the importance of having a will. Our educational content and resources help our community take action immediately and share the information with their loved ones.

BWW Legacy Scholarship

We pay a portion of the recipient’s estate attorney fees and mentor her through the process of completing her will, healthcare directive, and power of attorney.

Who We Are

Black Women Will, is an initiative through the Thank Me Later Foundation, a 501(c)(3) committed to transforming Black families through legacy planning. 

We are a part of the ecosystem of Thank Me Later, Inc., a financial literacy brand that provides the strategies and emotional support that professional Black women need to thrive in life.

Track Our Impact!

We are on a mission to help 100,000 Black women transfer their wealth to the next generation via events, educational content, and scholarships.

That’s an estimated transfer of over $30B in assets, including real estate, bank accounts, investment accounts, and other assets! 

Check out the graph to see how we’re tracking on our Phase I goal of transferring $50M worth of assets.


Phase 1 Goal: $50M

Current Progress: $10M

We need your help to reach our goal!

Black Women Will Homecoming

We are excited about our third annual Black Women Will Homecoming event!

This year, we’ll help 200 Black women in Georgia transfer $25M+ worth of assets by completing their will and healthcare directives.

BWW Homecoming 2024

Black Women Will Homecoming ’24

The Vision

200 Wills & Health Care Directives

Created for FREE for professional, educated Black women in Georgia (BWW Class of 2023)

BWW Yardfest

A fun, outdoor experience to celebrate leaving a legacy and transferring wealth.

Life Insurance Breakout Session

Intended to teach attendees how to select enough coverage to protect their legacy and give their family peace of mind

Estate Planning Content Series

Content series aired on social media about estate planning and what to do if you’re in charge after a loved one passes away

The Spirit of an HBCU Homecoming

Our theme is HBCU Homecoming because this event is centered in community, connection, and celebration!

We change the energy of legacy planning from morbid to motivational by creating a one-of-a-kind experience for everyone – from the women getting their wills completed, to the attorneys, to our sponsors and partners.

In true Homecoming fashion, attendees are encouraged to come dressed to represent their alma mater, Greek organization, or favorite sports team.

Catch the vibe of BWW Homecoming ‘23

Word On The Street

“We had an amazing time at Black Women Will! It was important for us to have this experience together because as friends, we make sure we stay on top of each other when it comes to growth (personal, professional, financial & spiritual). We are so grateful for the opportunity to complete our will and healthcare directive for free at this event.”

-Niketta & Maisha, BWW Class of 2023

Meet Our Sponsors

Here are our 2022 sponsors who joined our commitment to impact Black families for generations.

Check Out Our Sizzle Reel

Get a glimpse of how we helped
transfer over $10M+ in assets by helping 80 women complete their wills!

Partner With Us

Black Women Will Homecoming wouldn’t be possible without our amazing partner organizations!

Legacy Scholarship

We know we can’t help everyone complete their will at our signature event, Black Women Will Homecoming.

That’s why we created the Black Women Will Legacy Scholarship!

Through the Black Women Will Legacy Scholarship, we will pay a portion of the recipient’s estate planning attorney fees and support her through the process.

We Are on a mission

Our Why

Over the next 25 years, an estimated $68 trillion will be transferred from U.S. households to heirs and charity. Black Americans are missing out on the largest wealth transfer in history by not having an estate plan.

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  • Leave A Legacy

  • Transfer Generational Wealth

  • Establish Peace & Order