Legacy Planning Resources

Through Black Women Will Homecoming '23, we hope to help 200 Black women in Georgia transfer $25M+ worth of assets by completing their will! With your support, generations of Black families will have peace and order through estate planning.

Legacy Planning Resources

We know that information is power

That’s why we’ve focused on creating content that teaches families how to complete their:

We’ve partnered with the legacy planning thought leaders and shared our own personal experiences to break down the steps to complete your estate documents and navigate what to do if a loved one passes away.

The Roadmap To Create Your Will in 2023

THIS IS THE YEAR we will get our wills completed! PERIOD!

You don’t have to be rich to have a will or leave a legacy. We all want to leave a legacy, and a big part of that is having a will. We also want to make sure the people we care about like our parents and grandparents have a will too. There’s no time like the present to get it done!

During our legacy-building session, “You Need A Will! The Roadmap To Create Your Will In 2023,” we shared where to start and strategies to get your loved ones on board.

You need a will! The generational impact of estate planning

We ALL need a will — me and you, yo mama and yo cousin too!

In this video I share my personal example of the generational impact of estate planning. My company Thank Me Later has resources to help you complete your will. Learn more at blackwomenwill.com

Black Wills Matter: Navigating Tangled Titles In Real Estate

One of the reasons why the Black community (as a collective) has trouble building generational wealth is because the lack of estate planning. Without a will, assets including real estate, bank accounts and investment accounts can get lost or it can be chaotic to recover.

During this conversation, we have a candid conversation with financial advisor Jini Thornton, CPA, and estate attorney Tiffany McKenzie, esq about the complexity of titles in real estate when one does not have a will.

Black Wills Matter: The Gift Of Estate Planning

Having an estate plan (including a will, healthcare directive, and power of attorney) is the ultimate gift that you can give to your family.

In this video we speak with Jini and Courtney, two women who had different experiences dealing with death in their family (one whose mother had a will and one whose mother did not have a will). And we hear from estate attorney Tiffany McKenzie who offers her perspective on the topic.

You don’t have to be rich to need a will. If you have a bank account or a house, if you have anyone in your life that depends on you, and if you want to give clear directions on what you want to happen when you are too sick to take care of yourself or pass away, then you DO need a will, and minimally you need a healthcare directive.

Black Women Will Homecoming' 22 - 80 Wills Created For FREE For Women In GA

At Black Women Will, we impact Black families for generations by completing wills and healthcare directive for free for women so they can leave a legacy. This is just the beginning of us providing solutions to build generational wealth in the Black community.

Learn more at blackwomenwill.com and @blackwomenwill on social media

Video Credit: @createwithdre8864

Black Women Will '21: Affirmation Video

Black families will be impacted for generations at our second annual Black Women Will on Saturday, November 5th!! The Thank Me Later team is honored to create an opportunity for 100 Black women to complete their will and healthcare directive FOR FREE, in partnership with the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys, GABWA Foundation, Atlanta Legal Aid, the Georgia Association of Paralegals, and Impact Church.

We’re rolling up our sleeves to not only help Black women complete their will but to also change the energy of estate planning from morbid to motivational.

Black Women Will ' 21 - Meet Marlena

Black Women Will is an event to help Black women in Georgia complete their will and healthcare directive for FREE so they can protect their legacy and transfer wealth.

Hosted in partnership with Thank Me Later, the Georgia Association Of Black Women Attorneys, Atlanta Legal Aid, the Georgia Association of Paralegals and Impact Church.

Black Wills Matter PT. III - Q&A

Collectively, Black Americans are unable to transfer wealth because they don’t have their affairs in order, including a will. Just as much as Black Lives Matter, Black Wills Matter too.

Estate planning attorney, Tiffany McKenzie sat down with the Thank Me Later True Few community to break down the step-by-step process to complete your will and trust.

In PT. III, she answers from members in our community including:
– How to get organized with estate planning?
– What is the process to change your estate plan if you sell one of your assets?
– Where to store your completed estate documents?
– What are the talking points to get your partner on board of the estate planning process if they are procrastinating?
– & more!

Get our Free Black Women Will Estate Planning Playbook


The process of completing or updating your estate plan doesn’t have to be difficult or feel sad. Let us show you how to complete your will, healthcare directive, and power of attorney so you can leave your legacy and have peace of mind.

We also teach you how to Take Care Of Your Damn Self!

We’ve created a curriculum to help parents empower their adult children to be financially independent. Too often we see parents continue financially supporting their young adults for way too long, which impacts their ability to pursue their own goals like retiring or traveling.

In Take Care Of Your Damn Self, we have a chapter specifically about legacy planning and how your parental legal rights shifts as your child becomes an adult.

Did you know that once your child turns 18, you no longer have access to their medical records, financial records, or even their college grades (even if you’re footing the bill)?

If you’re a parent of a young adult, you need this go-to guide that will help you and your adult child master topics such as taxes, credit, insurance, and more!

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